How to cut you Own Hair Yourself

How to cut your own hair

It’s been a while since I did my last tutorial How to cut my hair so when I started thinking about a shorter cut and in the spring I knew I had to share the process with you here. My hair was very thick and thin (hair loss after delivery is not great, by the way) since I had the baby and it certainly was not a cute look. I have seen so many beautiful and long bobs with weights in Pinterest lately, which was my inspiration. How to cut your own hair I also knew that I wanted to keep my hair long enough to get back in the ponytail because, let’s face it, having a small baby means that high maintenance hair will not work.

This hairstyle ended up being the perfect combination of my needs: easy to cut, the sullen look I wanted was simple to achieve, the hairstyle looks polished by throwing a few hot rollers
(I used those for my hair in the picture above), and my hair can still be put back into a ponytail so the baby can not throw it as he likes.

Let’s start!

Some points to keep in mind:

Calm down! 🙂 – Cutting hair, especially for the first time, can seem intimidating. It really is scary the first time you do it. Just remember that if you clamp your hair, you can continue cutting it / arranged by a professional, but at least you will save a lot of money if you try to cut it yourself first.
Something as well as practical, practical and practical! – If you are not satisfied with the results, the first time you can always draw more to ‘want’ it. Opt for a longer version of the cut you want so you can have room for manoeuvres to make adjustments.
Think about the future – if you have a big event to come you might get your hair cut for the first time * it * may not be the best idea. My mother always says, “Bring a tried and true holiday dish, not something I’ve never done before.” Basically, you do not want to try a new recipe or, in this case, a new haircut, I’m not sure it works.
Perfectionists need not run. I can tell you from experience, cutting your hair can be an adventure. 😉 Sometimes the hair is a little longer on one side than the other, and sometimes things do not come out as expected. “Errors” and/or “imperfections” are the name of the cut of your own hair, especially at the beginning.

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