Revision in ECHS hospital ward

ECHS hospital ward

Revision in ECHS hospital ward entitlement rules sought

ECHS hospital ward: Senior Defense retired rows below supervisors and other parked officers convicted of discrimination under the Veterans Health Insurance scheme (ECHS) who are only eligible to study general hospital room when they were admitted for treatment.

To protest against this, MN Subramani, former Indian Army sergeant and founding president of Vekare Former Military Trust (VKET), embraced the cause of retired military personnel, refused admission to the hospital headquarters for his open heart surgery and ended Personally bear the full cost of your hospitalization recently.

Old problem

This question has been raised in the past but has not yet been resolved. As a result, defense personnel withdrew with the rank of foremen and other non-commissioned officers continues to be classified as employees of group D, who are entitled to admission to semi-special rooms based on their final salary.

M. Subramani said the Hindu that it was inconceivable that soldiers of ranks some retirees are considered fit to be admitted only in general hospitalization rooms, regardless of their mandate in the country’s defense forces, while state government employees And the Union category D group are eligible for better facilities, he said.

The question is a radioactive fallout from the authorities that do not take into account the last salary drawn from ex-military, but persists with widespread practice in military hospitals where soldiers are allowed in the general, semi-private or private rooms on The basis of his occupies only. “While this practice is good in a military hospital, it can not be extended to the hospitals Empanelés the ECHS and last base salary drawn should be considered – as in the case of public employees in retirement – in case of admission to private hospitals Or empanelés, “said M. Subramani.

New debate

The issue has sparked new debates in different ancient military sites. General Gen. of Division Sudhir Vombatkere wrote to the deputy general of the Indian Army on the subject and the imperatives of maintaining the dignity of the soldiers. Mr. Vombatkere emphasized that such disparity affected the dignity and morale of soldiers.

M. Subramani said that the VKET received several complaints from ECHS members, many of whom are preceded ECHS benefits and coughing money out of their pockets for better medical care.

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