Education gaps | Education gaps leaving women partner-less

Education gaps

Study: Education gaps leaving women partner-less

Education gaps : The researchers interviewed 150 American and Israeli women involved in the egg-freezing process. They found that, contrary to the popular belief that career-oriented women’s families start to follow their vocation, many are simply struggling to meet a likely parent.

They said that recent trends in the Western world show a growing disparity between the number of men and women trained in universities.

“Most educated women want a trained partner,” said Professor Marcia Inhorn, the author of the British study Telegraph.

However, “there is a major gap – they literally lack men,” said the professor of anthropology at Yale University.

“There are not enough college graduates for them. In simple terms, this is an over-supply of educated women,” he said. “In China, they call them” women of the left “. This cold and insensitive air, but in demographic terms, it is the men who are missing and the women who are left.”

The endless hanging process of buying women more than 30 times to find a partner because young frozen eggs are more likely to grow successfully in a healthy fetus than those appearing towards the end of a woman’s fertile period.

Women also told researchers that they do not necessarily oppose partnerships with less educated men, but are often intimidated by them and therefore are not interested in the same relationships.

“It may be that we rethink the way we approach it,” Inhorn said. “Maybe we have to do something about our children and our youth to make a better start.”

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