Safety deadline | University sets ‘safety deadline’ for women

Safety deadline

University sets ‘safety deadline’ for women

Safety deadline: The vice-rector (VC) of a Lucknow University center asked female employees, including faculty members, not to stay in their offices on campus beyond 18 hours.
R C Sobti, VC, of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University (BBAU), issued the order (copy with TOI) Monday and said it was to ensure the safety of the employees.
According to the order, female employees must request permission for VC if they want to remain in their offices beyond 18 hours.

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“Lately, there have been a number of adverse incidents, and it is to avoid these episodes as the rector asked the women’s employees not to remain in office after 18 hours,” said university spokesman Govind Pandey. He added that officials from all departments were informed by the authorities in advance if a student should work in laboratories beyond 18 hours.
The order has been criticized by university employees as an attempt to restrict their freedom. “Is this the kind of women’s freedom to work? Does the university try to suppress women in the name of security?” A requesting official anonymity was asked. It also asks why, therefore, if the university had spent Rs 1 crore to install CCTV cameras on the premises to ensure maximum safety.
Some staff members said they would stop the work. “The university has two physicians, a male and a female, who do the night shift, which begins after 20 hours in a row. The order means that the unofficial woman can not report her shift at night … do not hinder Health services? “An employee’s ass into the air.
Another faculty member said that the university had a quarter of the school, open until 23 pm, when students were allowed, regardless of their sex. The curfew is at 8pm, even for girls’ lovers.

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