Nature Nuts | About 20 youngsters become ‘Nature Nuts’ on Monday

Nature Nuts

About 20 youngsters become ‘Nature Nuts’ on Monday

It was a Monday to Walnut to Eugene L. Nicandri nature center.
Twenty young preschoolers have become “Nature” Walnuts for an hour, exploring different facets of outdoor activities in a way they could understand – with stories, songs, dancing, games, in-kind walks, crafts and just The game in general.
“Today is forests,” said Linda Besio, a naturalist in the center of nature.
Sherry Ouimet, who retired as a teacher at Jefferson Elementary in 2015, led Monday’s program. Much of the activity was carried out before a large mural showing what the nature involved – trees, animals and much more.
“Welcome to nature walnuts.You are a nut of nature.Love nature.They take care of nature,” said Ouimet youth. “We have a very important job, we must maintain the safety of nature, we have to protect nature.”
After being led in a dance of energy, each child had a label composed by his first name, and they were blindfolded in a colorful tree painted near the mural.
Mrs. Ouimet then revealed the “word of the day” – forests.
“An important part of nature is the forest,” he said.
But nature went beyond the forest, he added. That was all that was represented on the mural, trees and plants, birds and marmots.
“We are talking not just about the trees, these are some of the beautiful things you see in the forest,” Ouimet said.
A game of “I Spy” gave children the opportunity to find different trees and animals. Using a flash memory card with an image and an associated name, they fit their picture on the mural.
The first thing they were asked to find was a paper birch.
“You will find a very special tree. It looks exactly like this,” he said.
Cards and mural painting, part of exhibitions in natural center, was in the hand every time the natural center was open, said Mrs. Ouimet.
After everyone had a chance to find something on the mural, they began to make art, a paper tassel with their name.
And it happened on the first day of Nature nuts, with other activities of filling time.
The free “Nature Nuts” program for children ages 3 to 5 will be held from 10 am to 11 am every Monday through August 28. Children must be accompanied by an adult and another subject will be explored each week.

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